I & M Smith have been trading since October 1915 and have built up a strong and reliable reputation with all good producers of Tea and Coffee in Central and Southern Africa. We have likewise established a good reputation with the Tea Packers and Coffee Roasters within international Tea and Coffee markets for fine teas and coffees that we export from this region. With the companies good history within the agricultural industry in Africa, we also represent Pinhalense Brazil and Electrostatic Spraying Systems Inc. U.S.A. for their fine agricultural machinery.

This being a full range of processing equipment for the coffee, nut and cocoa farmers and the innovative electrostatic agricultural sprayers that these companies manufacture.

Suppliers to and from Africa of:

Black Tea Green Coffee Rooibos
Green Tea Soluble Coffee Honeybush

Coffee Processing machinery
Macadamia Nut Processing machinery
Colour Sorting machinery for Agriculture
Electrostatic Agricultural Spraying machinery
Electrostatic Sanitation Spraying machinery

Tea and Coffee Services

From our main Johannesburg office, the company deals directly with coffee farmers, coffee co-operatives, coffee mills and coffee exporters in Central America, South America, Africa and Asia to source coffees for our Southern African, North American, European, Japanese and Australasian clients.
Electrostatic Sprayers

Air-assisted electrostatic sprayers manufactured by ESS produce spray droplets which are 900 times smaller than those produced by conventional sprayers. These tiny droplets are carried deep into the plant canopy in a high-speed air-stream.
Processing Equipment